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CS21 Lifecolor Rail Weathering (This set contains 6 acrylic colors)

Water soluble acrylic colours for modelling and hobby. Life Color is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic. This set includes: UA 719 Rail Frame Dirt UA 720 Rail Track Dirt UA 721 Rail Sleeper Grime UA 722 Rail Roof Dirt UA 723 Rail Weathered Black UA 724 Rail Brake Dust

LP05 Lifecolor Liquid Pigments Trains & Tracks (This set contains 5 Acrylic washes and a bottle of remover)

This set includes: LPW 21 Smoke LPW 22 Cariage Grime LPW 23 Brake Dust LPW 24 Farm Dirt LPW 25 Rail Dust RE Remover

XS12 Lifecolor British Railways Set 3 Late period 1970-1990(This set contains 6 acrylic colors)

This set includes: UA 813 Rail Blue Locos multiple units and carriages from 1966 to 1990 UA 816 Rail Grey Carriages and multiple units post 1965 UA 827 Warning panel Yellow (Late) Front of Diesel en electric loco darker shade 1986-1990 UA 828 Coach Roof Blue Grey Passenger and parcels coaching stock for blue or blue and grey livery UA 829 Railfreight Red Buffer veams and along lower edges of body with railfreight grey UA 830 Railfreight Grey Diesel loco sides and roofs from1982-1990

XS11 Lifecolor British Railways Set 2 Mid period 1960 – 1970 (This set contains 6 acrylic colors)

This set includes: UA 814 Loco Green (Late) 1950-70) UA 815 BR Maroon Carriages and locomotives from 1950-1968 UA 823 Sherwood Green Light shade for two tone green disel loco UA 824 Diesel Loco roof grey UA 825 DMU Green (Late) Diesel en electric multiple units and railcars 1950-1970 UA 826 Warning panel Yellow (Early) Front Diesel and electric loco mid 1960 Late 1980

XS10 Lifecolor British Railways Set 1 Early period 1948-1959 (This set contains 6 acrylic colors)

This set includes: UA 817 Fitted Freight Bauxite Good wagons 1950-80 UA 818 Unfitted Freight Grey Good wagons without brakes 1950-80 UA 819 Loco Green (Standard) 1948-50) UA 820 Signal Red Semaphore signals, buffer beams of steam and Diesel loco 1948-1990 UA 821 Coach Crimson Passenger carriages from 1949-58 some freight vehicles and Horse boxes UA 822 Coach Cream Passenger carriages from 1948-58