small dollhouses in all kind of varieties

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Robotime-Lisa’s Tailor Miniature Doll house

Rolife DIY Tailor Room Miniature Kit DG101 with Light- Art House Crafts with Furniture and Accessories to build yourself. Perfect Birthday for Girls Women Friends Mom Wife.

Robotime-Joy’s Peninsula Living Room Miniature Dollhouse

Rolife New Arrival Miniature Kit DG141-  Mimic a warm and Mediterranean style living room, with so many pieces of furniture

Robotime-Dora’s Loft miniature dollhouse

Rolife DIY Stairs Loft Miniature Set DG12- Modern and fresh style dollhouse you can build vines, spiral stairs and a cozy corner for yourself.

Robotime-Mrs Charlie’s Dining Room miniature doll house

Mrs Charlie’s Dining Room DGM09 is designed as a busy dining kitchen where meals are cooked and prepared. Remind you of sweet days when mom cooks for you. Best gift and hobby!

Robotime-Anne’s Bedroom Miniature doll house

Rolife New Arrival Miniature Kit Anne’s Bedroom DGM08 is designed as a lovely bedroom of some teen girl. Delicate and lace decoration make it a typical girl’s corner. Best gift and hobby!

Robotime-SOHO Time DIY miniature dollhouse

Rolife DIY Working Room Office Miniature DGM01- Dollhouse kit of your SOHO time home working. Perfect Birthday for Boys and Girls

Robotime-Simon’s Coffee DIY Miniature Dollhouse Cafe Shop

Robotime DIY Mini Coffee Shop Kit Dollhouse Simon’s Coffee

Robotime-Jason’s Kitchen Cookery DIY Miniature Kit

Robotime Jason's Kitchen DG105 is a replica of typical family kitchen. There are realistic cookware details like sink, pan, bread, pot, kettles, and cabinet, so many vivid mini furnitures to build and craft. Turn on the light, it will show you the taste of a sweet home.

Robotime-Cathy’s Flower House Greenhouse Miniature

Robotime Cathy's Flower House DG104 is the hottest DIY miniature dollhouse ever!