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Robotime – ice cream studio

includes all the material you need to build this awesome model

Robotime – Wonderful Life Mrs. Charlie’s Dining Room

The table is set and the cake is ready - dive into this lovely little kitchen for tea and sweets. Completed kit is 160 x 120 x 150 mm Ages 14+ Kit Includes: 210 Pieces (wood, metal, fabric, & paper) *accessories *glue *brush *manual *tweezers

Robotime – Sam’s study

Don't you just want to spend the afternoon in this teeny room, perusing all the titles... Great for beginners and minature experts! Takes roughly 12 hours to compete. Included in the set: -accessories -brush -tweezers -LED lights -fabric/metal/plastic/paper/wood -manual

Robotime – Emily’s Flower Shop

Finished Size: 220 x 190 x 210 mm Takes roughly 12 hours to complete Kit includes *Accessories *Brush *Manual *Tweezers *LED Lights *Glue *Fabric/Paper/Plastic/Metal/Wood   2 x 3Vbutton cell batteries not included.

Robotime – Nancy’s bake shop

All you need is a cup of tea and you're set to spend an afternoon at the bakery! Great for beginners and miniature experts - this kit is slightly more challenging! Takes roughly 12 hours to compete. Finished Product Size: 172 x 195 x 184cm 172 pieces Included in the set: -accessories -brush -tweezers -fabric/metal/plastic/paper/wood -glue -LED lights -manual Required: -white glue -scissors -needle -screwdrivers -battery: x2 3v button cell

Robotime – Carl’s Fruit store

Finished Size: 220 x 190 x 210 mm Takes roughly 12 hours to complete Kit includes *Accessories *Brush *Manual *Tweezers *LED Lights *Glue *Fabric/Paper/Plastic/Metal/Wood

Robotime – Terminator M870 LQ501



Stylish shotgun model you can assemble and fire. Safer bullets ensure you minimal risk and multiple fun out of the shooting game! A perfect gift for family and friends. *Please note due to customs policy, wax, glue or battery may not be included in the package. You can use any glue or candles to replace them.

u gears wood- motor with sidecar

size 220*160*115 mm
package size 378*170*27 mm
parts 380
buildingtime 8 h

U gears wood- ship

size 385 *110*250 mm
package size 378*170*42 mm
parts 575
buildingtime 10 uhr

Robotime-Japanese Diplomatic ship

assembled size: 188x50x165 mm level:*** 91 pieces

Robotime-Rolife-Fishing boat

Assembled size:190x48x158 mm level: *** 104 pieces


  • ★Unique Original Design — The boards are all laser precut. You just need to take the parts out from the plates. Very easy to assemble. NO GLUE NEEDED.
  • ★Enjoy Fun — The wood craft kit is suitable for both adults and kids age 8+. It’s a great art project for parents and children to finish together.
  • ★Easy Assemble — The English instruction is very clear and it also includes a small piece of sand paper whether it was needed or not. All the boards are laser precut, very easy to pop them out of the board.
  • ★Gifts Choice — Great Birthday and Christmas Gifts for your son, daughter, kids, niece, nephew, grandson and granddaughter, friends and parents. This exquisite pretty model kit set also can be used for school project.
  • ★Decoration — It’s greatly suitable for decorating your display cabinet, office desk, dinning table, living room, bookshelf, and any where you want,adding fun to life. It’s a enthralling art project.