The skaven are creatures of Chaos, but follow their own master, the sinister Horned Rat. Their many clans utilise sorcery, arcane technology, plagues and flesh-warping powers to further their inscrutable goals. Characterised by skittering hordes of rat-men, an army of skaven can specialise in any of these areas, or mix them into a dangerous and unpredictable force that will keep their enemies on their toes.

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Warhammer – Skaven- gnawholes

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Gnawholes split the skin of reality, tearing open like lesions and allowing frenzied skaven swarms to spill forth. Manifesting as whirling green portals, gaping black holes, fume-wreathed chasms and countless other malignant phenomena, these tunnels through reality seep with the ruinous energies of the Horned Rat.

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The sound of booming brass gongs and the appearance of huge clouds of thick, acrid smoke announces the entrance of