Bloated with corpse-gas, their diseased forms swelling and rotting from the inside out, the servants of Nurgle are a reminder of the fate that awaits all living creatures. Their mortal warriors, made insensate to even the mightiest attacks by the contagions that ravage them, march alongside shambling daemons in an army that is as resilient as it is hideous to behold.

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Warhammer – Chaos – Sorcerer lord

12.00 10.80
A magic user of terrifying renown, able to wield fell energies and bend them to his grim will, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord is a fearsome foe to encounter. Able to bestow his followers with daemonic essence, boosting their skill, strength and endurance to unholy levels, his magical abilities and oracular visions make him indispensable. This plastic kit contains one six-component Chaos Sorcerer Lord, and is supplied with one Citadel 32mm Round base.