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Hidalgo Beneito Miniatures – Figures – English officer, 1746 – 54 mm

English officer, 1746 The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. On 16 April 1746, the Jacobite forces of Charles Edward Stuart fought loyalist troops commanded by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The Hanoverian victory at Culloden decisively halted the Jacobite intent to overthrow the House of Hanover and restore the House of Stuart to the British throne English officer, 1746, 54mm metal figure

Hidalgo Beneito Miniatures – Figures – Isandlwana – 54 mm

Two figures, a british officer of 24th reg, and a zulu warrior in the battle of Isandlwana, 1879 Metal, 54mm

Hidalgo Beneito Miniatures – Figures – Last Stand of Prince Imperial 54 mm

Juan José Luis Eugenio Napoleon Bonaparte He was the only son of the Emperors of the French, Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie. He received the title of Prince Imperial of France and treatment of His Imperial Highness During the second Anglo-Zulu War, in an ambush by the Zulus, the June 1, 1879, fell from his horse as he ran with his detachment and killed with spears died after a short battle with his pursuers. He was 23. The Zulus his body stripped of all but a few medals, but by the value shown in the fight not dismembered his body Last Stand of Prince Imperial, 54mm, metal and resin vignette