Games Workshop – Novels are adventure book which are written in sience fiction of fantasy setting.

Written by wel known writers in English.

Follow the adventures of Felix and Gotrek in one of their book.

Or choose another Games Workshop –  Novels like the novel of Underworld Beastgrave

In the future there will be more novels in every genre

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Books are availlable in different prices and pages even for children we can order english novels.

Let the world of Warhammer take you to places where you can only dream of.

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There are many different characters you can follow on theyr adventures.

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Warhammer-Black Library-Beastgrave

A Warhammer Underworlds novel In the untamed wilds of Ghur, darkness is rising. Rival warbands battle over the dread Beastgrave. Will Beastlord Ghroth prevail or can Branchwraith Kyra and her dryads stop his foul plans? READ IT BECAUSE The Warhammer Underworlds action has moved to a new arena. This is your chance to discover the secrets of Beastgrave, and the warbands battling over it. THE STORY Ghur is a realm of vast wilds and savage beasts. Few are more vicious than the herdchief, Ghroth the Rootcutter. Brutal and ruthless, he leads his warherd from one massacre to the next, slaughtering all who defy him. Yet this is not enough to sate Ghroth's bloodthirsty ambition – to become the mightiest of beastlords. When a fearsome vision promises Ghroth the power he craves, he leads a small band of warriors far across the wastes to seize the relic that will make all beastkin submit to his dominion. But Ghroth's ambition is not unopposed. Rivals within his own warherd seek to cheat him of the prize he covets. Meanwhile, in the enchanted forest of Thornwyld, an enemy of a different kind stirs. The Branchwraith Kyra has also had a vision, an apocalyptic foretelling of the destruction Ghroth will unleash upon her home. Gathering a retinue of dryads, Kyra hastens to thwart Ghroth's hunt – either by killing him or destroying the dark relic he seeks. The trail will lead both beastkin and sylvaneth across perilous wastelands. But no danger is greater than that which waits in the mountain tomb of the godbeast. It is a place of terror and legend, a place spoken of in frightened whispers. It is a place called Beastgrave. Written by C L Werner

Warhammer-Black Library-Gotrek & Felix third omnibus

A Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus The fan-favourite heroes return for three more novel-length adventures plus a host of shorter tales taking them from mist-shrouded Albion to the far south and beyond. READ IT BECAUSE In this omnibus, the torch is passed! Original series writer William King takes his final bow with Gotrek and Nathan Long takes over, changing the focus of the series and embarking on all-new adventures! DESCRIPTION Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask... Escaping from a horde of enemies, Gotrek and Felix stumble into a network of ancient magical tunnels and emerge on the mist-shrouded isle of Albion, where old foes are hatching a deadly plan. In the far south, the Slayer aids a dwarf prince against the orcs and goblins who have seized his hold. And when they meet their old friend, the dwarf engineer Malakai Makaisson, the heroes uncover a sinister plot to sabotage a dwarf airship and aid the forces of Chaos in their war with the Empire. CONTENTS Giantslayer by William King Redhand’s Daughter by William King Orcslayer by Nathan Long Manslayer by Nathan Long The Oberwald Ripper by L J Goulding Red Snow by Nathan Long Last Orders by Andy Smillie