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mr black-HOW TO GUIDES VOL.1-Females



The Publisher’s Introduction To “How To Guides” Volume 1 At Mr Black Publications we’ve recently completed the first in a new series of “How to Guides” resulting in this first volume… It’s the 41st Scale Model Handbook we’ve published to date. We’re very excited about this new series of books, which will cover the many techniques need to make better models! We’ll cover a lot of the popular subjects in this great hobby of scale modelling, and this first volume by Christos Katselos shows how to paint female miniature figures and busts, revealing all his secrets on how he paints female miniature figures. There are 11 chapters in this book where you’ll find all the necessary information for the preparation, assembly and painting of female figures, using the latest techniques and tools. The book offers nine themes; five in great detail with a lot of step-by-step pictures over eight pages, plus the introduction, preparation and assembly, aimed specifically at newcomers. All of the painting was done using acrylic paints from the well-known Spanish company, Vallejo Acrylics. Christos used about 65 different colours - 54 “Model Color”, seven “Panzer Aces”, one “Model Air”, three “Game Color” and one “Metal Color” to add a variety of colours for painting and to lessen any repetition. The first 52 pages are devoted to a lot of step-by-step projects with around 195 illustrations enabling the reader to easily understand and follow the sequences. The remainder of the book has another four articles with more photos of finished models with the necessary descriptive texts. A big thank you must go to Christos Katselos, a great artist, for giving us the opportunity to publish his work and share his secrets. Special thanks are also due, in no particular order, to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti, Alex Vallejo, Darren Parker-Mead, Man Jin Kim, Alexey Lucanev, Fernando Vallejo, Taesung Harmms, Andrew Cairns, Young B. Song, Dae-Hyeong Kim, Ju Won Jung, Paul Ondeck, Sang-Eon Lee, Yannis Papadopoulos and last, but not least, our English Text Editor Ken Jones. We hope you enjoy our latest edition! Stelios Demiras Editor /Publisher 4 Chapter I - Introduction 7 Chapter II - Preparing and Assembling a Resin Miniature Bad Blood 2 Fictional Universe 75mm - 75mm (1/24) 12 Chapter III - Painting Bad Blood 2 Fictional Universe 75mm (1/24) 20 Chapter IV - Stand Alone - Fictional Universe - Painting a Female Fantasy Figure Using Vallejo Acrylics - 150mm (1/12) 32 Chapter V - Voodoo Lady How to Paint a Dark Female Skin Tone, Some Difficult Cloth Patterns and Accessories with Vallejo Acrylics - 130mm (1/14) 42 Chapter VI - Surrounded! Painting a “Fictional Universe” Bust... Female and Puppy in a Full Action Pose - 180mm (1/10) 52 Chapter VII - Painting Eyes Painting the Eyes of Life Miniatures’ Princess Grace of Monaco Bust in 10 Easy Steps Using a Limited Colour Palette - 180mm (1/10) 54 Chapter VIII - “Arrow Girl” Zeppelin Defence Commander Yumiko Painting an Asian Female Fantasy Figure - 120mm (1/16) 58 Chapter IX - “Die Fledermaus” Lt Kati Otersdorf Painting a Fantasy Female Aviator with Acrylics - 120mm (1/16) 62 Chapter X - “Subway Wind” - A Wonderful World Series Figure Painting a Well-Known Female Personality Using Acrylics - 54mm (1/32) 64 Chapter XI - ‘Bye Bye Baby’ - Marilyn Monroe’s USO tour of Korea in 1954 Panting a Large-Scale Female Bust with Fair Complexion - 180mm (1/10) A4 FORMAT 68 PAGES BINDING MATT LAMINATED COVER

Dungeons & Dragons RPG – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Contents: New subclasses for every class in fifth edition D&D Systems and tools for new ways to personalize home games Dozens of new feats and spells New system for unique, randomized backgrounds

Mr Black-Scale model handbook vol 25-

Figure Modelling 25 - FULL FIGURES ONLY You are holding the 25th issue of “Figure Modelling” in Mr Black Publications’ Scale Model Handbook series. This is actually the 38th book we’ve published so far, of which 25 of our titles have covered figure modelling; three are about modelling dioramas; four are the popular “Modelling the Second World War” specials; a further six are in our new “Theme Collection Special Edition Series”. This time our figure modelling book includes seven articles from seven well-known artists, who offer lots of tips and techniques about modelling miniature figures, busts and vignettes from ancient times to the Second World War, and onto the present day with 13-pages about the Multicam Camouflage on a 120mm figure. Five of the articles cover the subjects in detail, illustrated with step-by-step photos and explanatory texts. Sergey Popovichenko returns with an eight-page, step-by-step feature on a Greek Hoplite at the Battle of Marathon 490 BC. He shows in detail how to paint realistic flesh, metals, fabrics and the Hoplite’s shield using acrylics and oils. Next is a four-page article by Louis D’ Orio featuring the painting of a large-scale 200mm Templar standard-bearer figure using oil colours. Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth offers a Drummer of Grenadiers, 67th Line Regiment Vienna, 1809 explaining over six pages his painting method for a colourful 75mm Napoleonic period figure using acrylics. A six-page article by Toshihiro Sano follows, presenting a Russian Razvedchiki with his Waffen SS tank crew prisoner of war 1944-45. Toshihiro explains how Tamiya enamels were used to paint this World War Two vignette featuring camouflaged uniforms. The Soviet coveralls are the “Ameba” pattern, whereas the German tunic and trousers have the M44 “Dot Pattern” camouflage for tank crews. Eduardo Fernández Rodríguez presents “A Present for Hitler!” where in over five-pages he explains in a step-by-step article how to finish a World War Two vignette in less than 25 hours for an urgent Box Art cover! Learn how to paint African-American soldiers in 1:35 scale inspired by a real wartime photo. Our regular contributor Stelios Neofytidis offers a four-page article on producing a two-figure vignette, Italian Front 1943-44. He explains how to create and paint a vignette using commercial resin figures on a scenic base. He decided to give a different appearance to the well-known Alpine Miniatures’ figures set (35165 Kurt Meyer and Officer), which depicts a pair of Waffen SS officers using the Alpine Miniatures’ heads provided in the set. We welcome a new artist Huy Nguyen from Vietnam to Mr Black Publications editions with an amazing painting work of Multicam Camouflage on a 120mm figure using acrylic, oil and lacquer colours. This painting was done before the artist knew our intention to publish it, so we present only large, high-resolution pictures of the finished figure. However, we decided to add the painted chips of the mixes he used and a step-by-step painted pattern with the numbers of each colour he added during the painting process. This covers 13 pages! As always, thanks must go to all our contributors for their support and for sharing their secrets with us. Special thanks are due to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti, Alex Vallejo, Darren Parker-Mead, Man Jin Kim, Alexey Lucanev, Fernando Vallejo, Taesung Harmms, Andrew Cairns, Young B. Song, Dae-Hyeong Kim, Ju Won Jung, Paul Ondeck, Yannis Papadopoulos and last, but not least… Our English Text Editor Ken Jones. We hope you enjoy our latest edition! Stelios Demiras Editor/Publisher CONTENTS 4 A Greek Hoplite at the Battle of Marathon 490 BC - Painting Realistic Flesh, Metals, Fabrics and the Shield using Acrylics and Oils – 75mm (1/24) 12 Templar Standard Bearer - Painting a Large Scale Figure Using Oil Colours – 200mm (1/9) 16 Drummer of Greadiers, 67th Line Refiment Vienna, 1809 - Painitng a Colourful 75mm Napoleonic Period Figure with Acrylics and Inks - 75mm (1/24) 22 Russian Razvedchiki with Waffen SS Tanker Prisoner of War 1944-45 -How Tamiya Enamels were used to Paint a WWII Vignette with Different Camouflage Uniforms – 50mm (1/35) 28 A Present for Hitler - Finishing a World War Two Vignette in Less Than 25 Hours for an Urgent Box Art Cover. This was inspired from a Real Wartime Photo On Painting African-American soldiers – 50mm (1/35) 34 Italian Front 1943-1944 - Creating and Painting a Vignette Using Commercial Resin Figures and Base – 50mm (1/35) 38 US Navy SEAL- Painting a Multicam Camouflage Pattern on a 120mm Figure with Acrylic, Oil and Lacquer Colours - 120mm (1/16)   CONTRIBUTORS LOUIS D’ORIO • STELIOS NEOFYTIDIS • HUY NGUYEN • SERGEY POPOVICHENKO • EDUARDO FERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ • TOSHIHIRO SANO • ERNESTO REYES STALHUTH A4 FORMAT 52 PAGES BINDING MATT LAMINATED COVER

Games workshop-Black Library-Saturnine

Siege of Terra Book 4 As the traitors tighten their grip on Terra, Rogal Dorn must marshal the Imperial hosts to weather the storm. But not all of the defenders will survive the onslaught… READ IT BECAUSE Dan Abnett returns to the Horus Heresy! Experience one of the crucial stages of the Siege, as Rogal Dorn and Horus match wits in a game of Regicide where the board is the Throneworld itself, and one wrong move could lead to utter devastation… THE STORY The Traitor Host of Horus Lupercal tightens its iron grip on the Palace of Terra, and one by one the walls and bastions begin to crumple and collapse. Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Terra, redoubles his efforts to keep the relentless enemy at bay, but his forces are vastly outnumbered and hopelessly outgunned. Dorn simply cannot defend everything. Any chance of survival now requires sacrifice, but what battles dare he lose so that others can be won? Is there one tactical stroke, one crucial combat, that could turn the tide forever and win the war outright? Written by Dan Abnett

Games Workshop-black library-The solar war

Siege of Terra Book 1 After years of devastating war, Horus and his forces have arrived at Terra. But before they can set foot on the Throneworld, they must first break the defences of the Sol System. Powerful fleets and cunning defences bar their path – but can anything hope to halt the advance of the Traitor armada? READ IT BECAUSE The final act of the long-running, bestselling series starts here, with a brutal and uncompromising look at the first stage of the Siege of Terra, the war to conquer the solar system. Armies will fall, heroes will rise and legends will be written… THE STORY After seven years of bitter war, the end has come at last for the conflict known infamously as the Horus Heresy. Terra now lies within the Warmaster’s sights, the Throneworld and the seat of his father’s rule. Horus’ desire is nothing less than the death of the Emperor of Mankind and the utter subjugation of the Imperium. He has become the ascendant vessel of Chaos, and amassed a terrible army with which to enact his will and vengeance. But the way to the Throne will be hard as the primarch Rogal Dorn, the Praetorian and protector of Terra, marshals the defences. First and foremost, Horus must challenge the might of the Sol System itself and the many fleets and bulwarks arrayed there. To gain even a foothold on Terran soil, he must first contend the Solar War. Thus the first stage of the greatest conflict in the history of all mankind begins. Written by John French

Dungeons and Dragons- Book-Dungeon Master’s guide

The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides the inspiration and the guidance you need to spark your imagination and create worlds of adventure for your players to explore and enjoy. Inside you’ll find world-building tools, tips and tricks for creating memorable dungeons and adventures, optional game rules, hundreds of classic D&D magic items. Many other tools to help you to be a great Dungeon Master.

D&D-Rime of the frostmaiden

Feel the cold touch of death in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. In Icewind Dale, adventure is a dish best served cold. Beneath the unyielding night sky, you stand before a towering glacier and recite an ancient rhyme, causing a crack to form in the great wall of ice. Beyond this yawning fissure, the Caves of Hunger await. And past this icy dungeon is a secret so old and terrifying that few dare speak of it. The mad wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood long to possess that which the god of winter’s wrath has so coldly preserved—as do you! What fantastic secrets and treasures are entombed in the sunless heart of the glacier, and what will their discovery mean for the denizens of Icewind Dale? Can you save Ten-Towns from the Frostmaiden’s everlasting night? Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a tale of dark terror that revisits the forlorn, flickering candlelights of civilization known as Ten-Towns and sheds light on the many bone-chilling locations that surround these frontier settlements.

Mr Black – scale model handbook – THEME COLLECTION VOL.7


Warhammer-Black Library-Beastgrave

A Warhammer Underworlds novel In the untamed wilds of Ghur, darkness is rising. Rival warbands battle over the dread Beastgrave. Will Beastlord Ghroth prevail or can Branchwraith Kyra and her dryads stop his foul plans? READ IT BECAUSE The Warhammer Underworlds action has moved to a new arena. This is your chance to discover the secrets of Beastgrave, and the warbands battling over it. THE STORY Ghur is a realm of vast wilds and savage beasts. Few are more vicious than the herdchief, Ghroth the Rootcutter. Brutal and ruthless, he leads his warherd from one massacre to the next, slaughtering all who defy him. Yet this is not enough to sate Ghroth's bloodthirsty ambition – to become the mightiest of beastlords. When a fearsome vision promises Ghroth the power he craves, he leads a small band of warriors far across the wastes to seize the relic that will make all beastkin submit to his dominion. But Ghroth's ambition is not unopposed. Rivals within his own warherd seek to cheat him of the prize he covets. Meanwhile, in the enchanted forest of Thornwyld, an enemy of a different kind stirs. The Branchwraith Kyra has also had a vision, an apocalyptic foretelling of the destruction Ghroth will unleash upon her home. Gathering a retinue of dryads, Kyra hastens to thwart Ghroth's hunt – either by killing him or destroying the dark relic he seeks. The trail will lead both beastkin and sylvaneth across perilous wastelands. But no danger is greater than that which waits in the mountain tomb of the godbeast. It is a place of terror and legend, a place spoken of in frightened whispers. It is a place called Beastgrave. Written by C L Werner

Warhammer-Black Library-Gotrek & Felix third omnibus

A Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus The fan-favourite heroes return for three more novel-length adventures plus a host of shorter tales taking them from mist-shrouded Albion to the far south and beyond. READ IT BECAUSE In this omnibus, the torch is passed! Original series writer William King takes his final bow with Gotrek and Nathan Long takes over, changing the focus of the series and embarking on all-new adventures! DESCRIPTION Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask... Escaping from a horde of enemies, Gotrek and Felix stumble into a network of ancient magical tunnels and emerge on the mist-shrouded isle of Albion, where old foes are hatching a deadly plan. In the far south, the Slayer aids a dwarf prince against the orcs and goblins who have seized his hold. And when they meet their old friend, the dwarf engineer Malakai Makaisson, the heroes uncover a sinister plot to sabotage a dwarf airship and aid the forces of Chaos in their war with the Empire. CONTENTS Giantslayer by William King Redhand’s Daughter by William King Orcslayer by Nathan Long Manslayer by Nathan Long The Oberwald Ripper by L J Goulding Red Snow by Nathan Long Last Orders by Andy Smillie

Games Workshop-Warhammer40k- Getting started

  • Your Warhammer 40,000 adventure starts here!
  • Read all about how you can collect, build, paint, and play games with your Citadel miniatures
  • Includes two models - a Space Marine Assault Intercessor and a Necron Warrior!

Games Workshop-Warhammer 40k-codex Space Marines

  • The definitive book for Space Marines collectors
  • 98 datasheets covering units available to every First Founding Chapter, their successors and the Deathwatch
  • Includes Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Litanies of Battle, Psychic Disciplines, Chapter Relics, bespoke Crusade rules, and more!