Come and play or paint


Every Tuesday and Thursday we have gaming and painting evenings, where you can come in and hang out and play games, paint and hobby with other players and hobbyists. Play a game of Age of Sigmer, Warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Underworld, Blood Bowl, A Song of Ice & Fire or Magic the Gathering. Swap painting techniques or ask questions about how to paint your mini’s or the hobby project you have going. You will have to bring your own paint, mini’s and brushes, but we’ll provide help and fun conversations. 
We also provide 2 to 3 gaming tables where you can play wargames, with scenery and everything you need to play the games.

Tuesday – 18:00 h untill 22:00 h
Thursday – 18: 00 h untill 22:00 h

These are dedicated evenings, but you are more then welcome to come and play or paint on Saturday, Sunday and during normal business hours, just give us a call.

Painting spots are limited so please give us a call before 16:00 h on Tuesdays and Thursdays (+31 6 41894452) or send us an email. So we can see if we have enough spots for you to come and paint.


We have a growning community of wargamers, hobbyists and gamers who we want to provide with a place to come together and play games or hobby. With this in mind we created the Wendy’s Miniatures Community. Here you can find like minded people to play games or talk about the hobby. We will also organise events for the community every so often, some on the weekly basis and some bigger ones throughout the year.